Supplier Code of Conduct

1. About the Supplier Code of Conduct

Loomis' business is based on trust. The trust we build within our company as well as with our customers, shareholders, suppliers, society, and other stakeholders are key to our success. Loomis and Loomis employees must follow the Loomis Code of Conduct. As a supplier to Loomis, we expect you to uphold the same high standards and follow this Supplier Code of Conduct (in this document referred to as the "Supplier Code").

Loomis' commitment, and therefore yours as our supplier, extends beyond legal compliance. At Loomis we want to do what is right, not just what is allowed, and we select suppliers who share our commitment to environmental, social and governance responsibility and ethical business practices.

All Loomis' partners are responsible for reviewing and seeking to fully understand and comply with the Supplier Code. The Supplier Code provides the frameworks on ethical standards and applies to all Loomis' suppliers.

A "Supplier" is any individual or legal entity that provides Loomis with goods and/or services, or one that provides goods and/ or services on behalf of Loomis. In addition to Suppliers who have a direct contractual relationship with Loomis, this definition also includes the Suppliers' sub-suppliers and sub-contractors.

Violations of the Supplier Code is serious and may result in termination of contract. Acts that are inconsistent with the Supplier Code must be corrected as soon as the breach is known.


2. Loomis sustainable commitment

Loomis fully recognizes the importance of sustainability in developing and strengthening our mission. Our approach aims to integrate sustainability into our business model to create value not only for shareholders but also for customers, employees, partners, society, and other stakeholders.

We operate our business based on three core values:

  • People: Loomis is committed to developing quality people and treating everyone with respect
  • Service: Loomis strives to provide exceptional quality, innovation and value focused on exceeding our customers' expectations
  • Integrity: All Loomis employees work to perform their jobs with honesty, vigilance and high ethical standards

Based on Loomis' core values, our sustainability vision is to be the leading sustainable investment and sustainable business partner within the industry.

Loomis commitment in short:


  • Environmental Sustainability: Loomis aims to reduce our climate impact across the global organization by reducing our usage of non-renewable resources and of energy from fossil sources and switching to renewable fuels and energy, and through collaborating with our vendors and customers.

  • Social Sustainability: Loomis has a zero vision in injuries and harm and aim to build a company where inclusiveness, fairness and diversity is at the heart of our business.


  • Sustainable Governance: At Loomis we are committed to being a trusted partner and to uphold the highest standards of integrity and compliance throughout our own business as well as in our value chain.

Loomis is committed to always respect and operate in accordance with all human rights and is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.

Read more on our strategy and business activities in Loomis Sustainability Policy as well as in our latest Annual and sustainability report, available on


3.  Loomis' expectations on Suppliers

Loomis has high expectations on all our Suppliers to, at the minimum, uphold the same standards as we do regarding ethical business practices. Note that this Supplier Code sets out general principles, rather than a complete set of detailed rules covering all situations.

The general principles of the Supplier Codeare based on Loomis Code of Conduct and Loomis Sustainability Policy, as well as on the following internationally recognized standards:


  • UN Global Compacts ten principles
  • UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • International Bill of Human Rights, including UN Universal Declaration of Human rights
  • The International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and subsequent core conventions
  • OECD's Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

We support all principles set out in the mentioned standards and consider the guidelines below to be especially worth mentioning:

3.1    General principies

The Supplier shall:


  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations1 in the respective country of operation and be prepared to upon request demonstrate compliance to Loomis and regulators.
  • Ensure its business is conducted in compliance with any applicable trade restrictions and sanctions, as well as rules concerning export controls.
  • Establish environmental, social and governance management systems that reflect the nature and scope of their risks and opportunities.

3.2    Principies on labor conditions and human rights

The Supplier is expected to:


  • Be committed to always respect and operate in accordance with all human rights and in accordance with The International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
  • Not accept any form of modern slavery, such as forced, bonded or compulsory labor or human trafficking be employed or used in operations. Employees must be able to move freely during their employment and must be free to leave their employment following termination in line with applicable legislation and agreements.
  • Not use or benefit from child labor. Suppliers commit to comply with the mínimum age for admission to work as well as the prohibition and immediate action of elimination of the worst forms of child labor. The mínimum age for hazardous work is 18 years.
  • Provide fair working conditions for all employees including working hours and leave that comply with applicable laws and regulations, collective bargaining agreements and industry standards.
  • Pay wages and compensations, including meet the requirements regarding mínimum wage, as set out in applicable laws and collective bargaining agreements. The wage must be paid in a timely manner. The Supplier must establish written, comprehensible, and legally binding employment contracts with its employees.
  • Offer a healthy and safe work environment to all employees - full time, part time and contractors.
  • Actively work for an open and transparent working environment, where all employees are treated with respect and dignity. No form of discrimination, harassment or abuse is tolerated, and no employee shall be subject to mistreatment on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, social origin, political or other opinion, trade union membership, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law.
  • Support the right to freedom of association and is committed to respecting union rights. The Supplier also respect the employees' right to refrain from joining a un1on.

3.3    Principies on fair competition, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing

The Supplier is expected to:

  • Engage in fair and proper competition in full compliance with applicable antitrust and competition laws, including to refrain from activities or agreements with competitors that are unfair, deceptive, misleading, or anti-competitive.
  • Not tolerate any form of corruption, including but not limited to bribery, extortion and fraud.
  • Be a responsible taxpayer and follow local legislation regarding auditing and reporting.
  • If applicable to the delivered services or products, be committed to prevent themselves and Loomis from being used as a tool for financia! crime by monitoring on an ongoing basis and continuously develop the ability to manage money laundering and terrorist financing risks.


3.4    Principies on environmental impact

The Supplier is expected to:


  • Support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges with the idea of prevention rather than remediation. The precautionary approach involves a systematic application of risk assessment, risk management and risk communication.
  • Use and encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies, products, and services - looking to contribute to sustainable development.
  • Continuously improve its environmental performance by identifying, assessing and managing environmental risks and impacts throughout its value chain.
  • Understand the environmental and climate impacts along its value chain, have a plan and continuously work to reduce negative climate impact of its business.
  • Have a transparent value chain and make continuous improvement regarding its sourcing and material usage - including type and amounts of materials, land of origin, farming/production standards and waste management.
  • The supplier is encouraged to set science-based greenhouse gas emission reduction targets aligned with the París Agreement.

3.5    Principies on secure information

The Supplier is expected to:


  • Protect the data of customers and other third parties with strict confidentiality and appropriately safeguarded by adhering to extensive information security protocols configured to keep such data secure.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to them by Loomis and not share such information with third parties, except when disclosure is authorized or legally mandated. Such information includes sensitive as well as non-public
  • information about the company, business and employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • Respect the right to privacy and shall handle employee data responsibly and in compliance with applicable privacy and data protection laws.


4. Monitoring and corrective actions

Loomis may follow up on the compliance of this Supplier Code and may request the Supplier to verify its compliance through dialogue, self-assessments, by on-site audits by Loomis or a third party or other similar actions. The Supplier shall, within reasonable notice, give Loomis access to relevant premises and documentation to verify compliance with this Supplier Code.

Loomis will base its Supplier relations on dialogue and collaboration to fulfil the Supplier Code. However, if the Supplier fails to meet the requirements set forth in the Supplier Code and <loes not rectify such non-compliance without undue delay, this shall constitute a material breach of the Supplier's contract with Loomis and Loomis shall be free to termínate its contractual relationships with the Supplier.


5. Reporting misconduct

In case of concerns that the Supplier Code is not being met, we expect you to bring this to Loomis' attention as soon as possible.

To report a concern, Suppliers can contact Loomis' using any of the methods below:


  • Directly contact your contact person at Loomis.
  • Reporting can also be made through the Loomis Integrity Line, available on the Loomis' Group website You can decide to remain anonymous and whether the report is made locally to the country of operation, to Group management orto thechairman of Loomis AB's Audit Committee.


6.  Application

Loomis expects all of its Suppliers to adhere and comply with this Supplier Code. The Supplier Code shall form an integral part of the supplier contract entered between the Supplier and the relevant Loomis Group entity (asan appendix or by reference), alternatively, the Supplier shall separately agree to comply with the Supplier Code by signing this document below.

If you have any questions about the Supplier Code, please ask your contact person at Loomis.

The Supplier Code is also available at


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