Our Values & Conduct

Responsible behavior towards our employees and the environment is not only important to us, it is the essence of our company. That is why we are constantly working to build a corporate culture based on three core values: People, Service and Integrity. These values affect all parts of our business, and are as easy to understand as they are simple to apply.

  • The backbone of our operations

    Loomis employees work every day to improve our customers' experience. For us, it is crucial to have integrity, a strong sense of safety, ethics and morals, the right competence and the desire to always exceed customer expectations. We continually work to create a corporate culture that upholds strong values, which can be summed up in these three words:


    We are committed to developing quality relationships with people and treating everyone with respect.


    We strive for exceptional quality, innovation, value and exceeding customer satisfaction.


    We perform with honesty, vigilance and high ethical standards.

  • Our code of conduct

    The Loomis code of conduct reflects our core values. It ensures high business ethics, care for our employees and concern for the environment. The code serves as a guide for all employees and can be summarized as follows:

    Loomis shall be the most attractive employer in the industry.

    Loomis shall reduce our operational environmental impact.

    Loomis shall never accept unethical behaviors.

  • A continuous work

    We are always working on our values and code of conduct. They are thoroughly addressed in the company's presentation to new employees, and include education and leadership development. We place great importance on caution and control when hiring new employees. All new hires receive basic training and then participate in recurrent training sessions.

    If suspicion of unethical behavior arises and an employee does not want to inform the nearest superior, there is an internal reporting tool called the Loomis Integrity Line. Anyone working in the Loomis Group has the right to use this tool and draw attention to actions that are not in line with our corporate values and code of conduct.

  • Global agreement

    In terms of commitment to our values and code of conduct, it is worth noting that Loomis signed a Global Agreement with Union Network International and the Swedish Transport Workers' Union in December 2013. The signing of this agreement reinforced Loomis' position on social responsibility.


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We are here to help you

Find out how Loomis can help you reduce costs while improving safety and accuracy.