Note and Coin Delivery

If your business requires regular deliveries and collections of bills and coins, Loomis can ensure that you always have the cash you need and that all your surplus coins and bills are collected, counted and banked as quickly as possible.

We have designed a streamlined operation to make ordering coins and bills quick and easy.

Ordering your cash is simple through our myLoomis Customer Portal or you can call our 24-hour automated ordering system, with next day cash delivery (subject to order cutoff times) from a local Loomis branch, in the exact amount and denominations requested.


Secure Delivery

Our streamlined ordering and delivery systems ensure you receive your cash supplies quickly and efficiently, when you need them, through our secure and transparent cash delivery services.


Order your coins and banknotes at a time that suits you: you can access the customer portal 24/7, and we also have an automated phone ordering system.


We prepare your orders in standard packs or tailored, based on your needs.
Your orders for coins and banknotes will be delivered in pre-made, sealed, tamper-proof and barcoded bags. 

Discover our benefits

  • Easy access and full control through the Loomis Portal
  • Custom orders for banknotes and coins
  • 24-hour notice period
  • Strict security and full responsibility for banknotes and coins while they are in our care
  • Direct delivery to specified location


We are here to help you

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Find out how Loomis can help you reduce costs while improving safety and accuracy.

Support Center

Please contact our Customer Service Center by calling +34 917 438 900 from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. CT daily or by filling out the form provided.

We are here to help you

Find out how Loomis can help you reduce costs while improving safety and accuracy.