Cash Transportation

Eliminate trips to the bank, saving staff time and reducing risks to you and your team members when transporting large sums of money.

Loomis has developed a complete package of cash-in-transit services to ensure safe, secure and timely service for money in motion.

1.4 M€

Cash collections


Armored Vehicles

+ 4.000



Large Experience

With a 160-year history of delivering daily cash and valuables to stores, banks and ATMs, Loomis has a track record to trust and proven expertise in every phase of the process.

Global network

With a global network of proven and trusted resources, we provide a safe, efficient and trackable service that is fully insured for your peace of mind.


Loomis has a modern fleet of armored vehicles equipped with the latest security technology, which allows complete cash logistics to be carried out with maximum guarantees. 

Say goodbye to tedious bank trips 

Entrusting Loomis with your cash logistics has immediate and important benefits:

- Trips to the bank are eliminated, saving valuable staff time

- You and your team members are no longer in the potentially risky position of transporting large sums of money.

- You will be able to track where your money is at all times.

Retailers, banks and other financial institutions can also benefit from Loomis cash transportation services.

Whatever your business or organization, Loomis' timely and secure cash pickup and delivery services are designed to make your life easier.



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We are here to help you

Find out how Loomis can help you reduce costs while improving safety and accuracy.