Financial Institutions

Cash-related operations are serious business; and here at Loomis we understand how important it is to have a partner you can trust when it comes to optimizing and de-risking any bank fund.

Our end-to-end solutions are designed to help you reduce risk for employees and customers, increase your market presence without increasing your physical footprint, reduce cash inventory needs, optimize your vault network and strengthen customer relationships.

With a proven track record in this sector, we pride ourselves on being the trusted partner of major banks across Europe and their Central Banks, using a sustainable approach by reducing the movement of cash through our bulk cash facilities and recycling returned bills.





Leverage the time you would have spent on cash operations to build stronger customer relationships and a more profitable business.

Risk reduction

With Loomis on your team you will avoid situations that could compromise the security of your employees and customers by reducing your cash inventory and outsourcing cash custody.

Online monitoring and reports

You can track your cash activity and consult and export reports at any time. And because you can access the Loomis platform via mobile device or tablet at any time, up-to-date and accurate information is always at your fingertips.

Solutions for Financial Institutions

  • Cash in transit
  • Cash management and processing services
  • ATM replenishment and forecasting
  • Outsourced and virtual vault services
  • Treasury solutions for retail accounts
  • MyLoomis online customer portal
  • With the confidence of the Bank of Spain

    Loomis has the confidence of the Bank of Spain to keep SDA deposits in our facilities, as well as of the National and International Financial Institutions, backed by the experience and joint developments in the outsourcing of tasks related to Cash Management.

    Together with the Entities, and supported by our team of specialists, Loomis provides technological solutions that allow the improvement of the global efficiency of the cash in your Network.

    Combining logistic solutions with monitoring and forecasting solutions, the cash fittings are optimized, generating an added value to our services.


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    We are here to help you

    Find out how Loomis can help you reduce costs while improving safety and accuracy.